Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers wants some question to ask, here are the best frequently asked questions with our answer. This will help our customers to get answers from the relevant questions regarding wallpapers installation services in kolkata, Customised Wallpapers installation services in kolkata, blinds installation services in kolkata, glass films installation servics in kolkata, artificial grass installation services in kolkata, interior home painting services in kolkata, exterior home painting services in kolkata etc.

General Questions about blinds and glass films

Usually blinds does not take much time to install. On an average it requires 30-50 minutes to install a window blinds. We provide the best quality blinds at the cheapest rate in kolkata. Best blinds installation company in kolkata as well as the best window blinds dealer in kolkata.

It is the most common questions that people mostly asked and the answer is yes, you can use both curtains as well asblinds in the same time. Using both will give you the more control over the sunlight and privacy.

We deals in many types of blinds like zerbra roller blinds, vertical blinds, pvc wooden blinds, Horizontal blinds, roller blinds etc. We deals in all types of blinds installation services in kolkata. Best window and door blinds dealer in kolkata.

The answer is no, you cannot reuse glass films once it is applied. It is not reuseable, if you want to install the glass films at the cheapest rat in kolkata then we are here to help you. We deals in glass films installation at the cheapest rate in kolkata. Best glass films installation company in kolkata for a reason.

The answer is yes, glass films will give you a prfect environment and also helps in controlling of light and temrature. It will also ensure the privacy of the customers. Best glass films dealer in kolkata

General questions about Artificial grass and wallpaper

Durability is the most common features that why customers install artificial grass in their home. On an average the artificial grass lasts long for about 12-20 years. We also deals in artificial grass and will provide you the best quality of artificial grass at an affordable rate in kolkata. Best artificial grass dealer in kolkata.

First difference is normal pvc wallpapers is much less costlier than customised wallpapers. The second difference is normal wallpapers or pvc wallpapers or textured wallpapers comes with many designs but you have to select designs from that particular designs but in case of customised wallpapers you can make your own wallpapers based on your designs wallpaper will be printed and then it will install at your home thats why it is costlier than pvc wallpapers.

No you don't have to pay any additional cost to us, we don;t charge any additional cost like free home visit, free after care tips and all services regarding wallpapers. many other organisation will charge you the visiting charges but we don't charge a single amount for honme visit.

Once you cantacts us or call us or enquiry in whatsapp or fill the enquiry form we will send you different designs and from those designs you have to select your dream designs for your walls and if you don't able to understand the designs in a pdf format , then don't wirry our executive will visit at your house with different catalogue and from there you can choose designs and after selection of designs our professional wallpapers installers will visit at your house on the schedules date to install the wallpapers and will also tell you the after care tips. If you don't like designs from our catalogue then you can go for customised wallpapers. call us for wallpaper pdf, wallpaper for walls designs in mobile, customised wallpapers designs in pdf etc.

undoubtedly we are the most trusted wallpaper company in kolkata. We are in this field from the past 2 decades and our professional installers have more than 15 years of experience in this field. We also provide free home visit like services for our valuable customers. We also install wallpapers at the guaranteed lowest price in kolkata, so always contact JUST IMAGINE WALLPAPERS - best wallpapers installation service in kolkata

Don't torn it from the end surface, don't let your children torn the wallpapers, don't install the wallpapers in a moisture containing walls or a damp walls, if you follow all these measures the durability of wallpapers will increase. And if you face any problems then don't hesitate to call the top home wallpapers installation company in kolkata or no.1 wallpaper company in kolkata, salt lake, rajarhat, newtown, hazra, bhowanipur, topsia, parkcircus, dharamotolla etc in all over kolkata.

Normally artificial grass last long for atleast 10-15 years. contact us for installation of artificial grass in kolkata. Just imagine wallpapers - best wallpapers dealers in kolkata.

Artificial grass is not so hard to maintain rather is the easy to clean and easy to maintain. you can clean it by broom or can wash by using bleach. we are the artificial grass dealer in kolkata

the answer is yes, Just Imagine Wallpapers - best wallpapers installation services in kolkata deals in all types of wallpapers, blinds, artificial grass, wall stickers, home painting services, all services required in your home.

We provide interior home painting services in kolkata as well as the exterior home painting services in kolkata. our price ranges from rs6 per sqft to rs 25 sqft depends upon the quality of paint one choose. painting cost differs from quality of paint you choose in your home. call now for the best home painting services company in kolkata.

Just Imagine wallpapers provides all services which includes texture painting also. The price of a texture depends upon the area of the wall and also the designs you selected. Normally the price for one wall starts from rs 4000 per wall.

The answer is absolutely no. The colour of grass will never fade, it will be green as it was before. It's colour doeesn't fade by the scorching rays of sunlight.

No, it doesn't requires much maintainance, you can simply clean it by broom and water or floor liquid. It is very easy to maintain. Call now to install the best quality artificial grass at an affordable rate in kolkata.

No they can't live in artificial grasses it is made up of synthetic fibres and they can't breed in synthetic fibres. So there is nothing to worry about that flee and other insects will live in artificial grass. contact us and we will provide you the best price for artificial grass in kolkata.

Yes artificial grass comes in different colours like blue, red etc. So if you want to install artificial grass then call us and get the cheapest rate for installation of artificial grass in kolkata.

General questions about Home Painting Services

Yes our services includes painting, repairing, proper maskings and finally cleaning the area which gets dirty by our painting work. So don't worry, we will clean your home which looks dirty by our painting work. Best painting contractors in kolkata.

It's upto you whether you want to stay at your home while painting or not. So if you are busy in your work then you should do your important work, we are professional painters in kolkata, we will do your home painting services with proper measures and safety. Call now to paint your dream hom with the best painting services in kolkata.

We offer all the services required in your home like interior home painting services in kolkata, exterior home painting services in kolkata, texture art services in kolkata, Damp proofing services in kolkata, pvc flooring services in kolkata, wallpapers installation services in kolkata, blinds and glass films installation services in kolkata.

This depends upon the area of the work you want to paint, if your area is more then we will send atleast 3 painters at your site and if any clients needs urgent work then at that time we will send more painters so that the work will be completed on the given date.

We also deals in home painting services in kolkata. Our minimum charges for painting is Rs.9 per sqft in which you will get Distemper quality pain with one coat primer and 2 coat paint. our maximum price is Rs.25 per sqft in which you will get Velvet touch paint quality with 2 coat primer, 3 coat paint, 1 coat liquid putty, cleaning etc. So call us to paint your dream home with the best painting contractors in kolkata.