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Home Painting Services in kolkata

Paint your dream home with the best home painting service in kolkata. We provide the best quality painting services at the cheapest rate in kolkata. Our teams have the most professional painters in kolkata and beacause of that we also emergd in this field. Now we are emerging as the best painting contractors in kolkata.

Our process of paintnig services are as follows:

While working on wallpapers installation services in kolkata, we have gained our reputation in the home painting services field also. We have provided the best home painting servics at an affordable rate in kolkata. Here are the process of interior home painting service in kolkata.

  • Proper Maskings and coverings
    After Confirmation of order, we visit the site on the scheduled date for painting. Then before painting work starts, we firstly do the proper maskings of your assets and important furniture, lghts, fans etc. so that it might not gets dirty from the paint.
  • Repairing the damaged area
    After maskings the important things, we repaired the damaged parts and then finally we begin the interior home painting work.
  • Paint and give the finishing touch
    After applying primer and then paint, we finally give the last coat of paint for finishing touch up so that our home painting works looks completed.
  • Cleaning house
    After the completion of home painting services we finally clean the house as it was before and then we handed over the flat to the owners and ask them to verify our our. So always paint your dream home with the best home painting contractors in kolkata.
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