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Artificial Grass in kolkata

Artificial grass is the best substitute of a grass. It is normally uses in a football artificial court, tennis court, home verandah etc. It will gives you a similar feel like natural grass. It is made up of synthetic fibres and it can be used for resenditial as well as commercial purpose also. We also deal in installation of artificial grasses in kolkata. so call now to install the best artificial grass installation company in kolkata.

Why to install Artificial Grass ?

Here are the several reasons that why you should install artifical grass at the cheapest rate in kolkata from the best artificial grass installers in kolkata.

  • Anti-bacterial area
    Aritificial grass is anti- bacterial and it provide a better place to play for childrens. It is also anti static, fire retardent. So must install artificial grass because of its striking featers and also at the cheapest rate in kolkata.
  • Durability
    Durability is also the common features that why customers often install artificial grasses from us. The average durability of an artificial grass is about 12-20 years.
  • Protection
    The grass is made up of polypropylene, polythelene or polyamide yarns and it is also resistant to damage and environment friendly. The grass is also protected from UV ray's and that's why its colour does not fade.
  • Designs and colours
    Artificial grass comes not only in green grass but also in different colours. Customers can chhose the better designs or colours of artificial grass they want in their home for personal use or for commercial use. Call now to install the best quality artificial grass at the cheapest rate in kolkata. Best artificial grass shop in kolkata.
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